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I declare an emergency

It is the undeniable truth that we are facing an unprecedented climate and ecological emergency. We have to acknowledge where we are in order to move forward. This week I...

Thom 26 September 2022

Strategies for hard times

Energy crisis. Cost of living crisis. Economic Downturn. It can all be a bit daunting - especially when you're trying to make ends meet. Both at home and in business....

Thom 5 September 2022

Branding for Start Ups

Branding for start ups might not be the first thing on their list. If you you're a start up you might be thinking about the cost of everything as a...

Thom 29 August 2022

Good Business Charter - why I signed up.

Thom Baker Consultancy is delighted to announce it has joined companies such as Destination Digital, Brompton and Off-Site Construction Systems in signing up to the Good Business Charter (GBC), an...

Thom 18 July 2022

The Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals are a group of 17 targets set by the UN to outline how we can work towards a more sustainable future. What the Sustainable Development Goals subsequently gives...

Thom 7 June 2022

Why is Branding important?

Your brand is your single most powerful asset. It can help grab market share, increase revenue – and if you need investment it can help there too. If you are...

Thom 15 September 2021