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Your brand isn't your logo,
or what you say it is.

Your brand is what they say it is.

Developing a brand strategy that is authentic and resonates with your customers will help you achieve success. The core of my brand strategy process is to uncover the unmet needs of your customer and transform those into the purpose, mission, vision and values of your brand. With an authentic strategy established, you can clearly communicate these elements to potential clients and align your organization around them to supercharge your brand. Let’s talk about your brand and see how I can help become the obvious choice to your customers.

Brand Definition

Where you are

Defining your current brand through internal and external audits, interviews, surveys, and analysis – together we define the needs of your brand, and how best to develop it to meet your goals.

Brand Strategy

Where you want to be

Bringing the valuable insights of defining your brand into the creation of a new strategy. I partner with you to develop your brand positioning, purpose and visions so it will resonate with your customers, claim the top spots of your market, or create new ones.

Brand Building

How you get there

From the brand strategy, new processes, culture and visual identity can be created and implemented. By aligning your colleagues with your vision and values we bring your brand to life in the eyes of your customers through the behaviours of your employees.

The Rebel Brand Archetype

The Rebel Brand Archetype (or the outlaw) is the one that will have your mother in a whirl. Any excuse to indulge my David Bowie obsession! But who better to...

Thom 6 September 2022

Strategies for hard times

Energy crisis. Cost of living crisis. Economic Downturn. It can all be a bit daunting – especially when you’re trying to make ends meet. Both at home…

Thom 5 September 2022

Branding for Start Ups

Branding your a start up might not be the first thing you're thinking about? You might be thinking about the cost of everything as a start up. Or want to get started…

Thom 29 August 2022

The Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals are a group of 17 targets set by the UN to outline how we can work towards a more sustainable future. What the Sustainable Development…

Thom 7 June 2022

Brand Archetypes

Brand archetypes are a useful tool when looking at “who” you are as a brand. They help pin point a recognisable “character” that your customers can…

Thom 7 June 2022

Logo vs. Brand

When a lot of folk think about a brand, they think of the thing they see that relates to it and gets talked about most in the media which tends...

Thom 7 June 2022

Why is Branding important?

Your brand is your single most powerful asset. It can help grab market share, increase revenue – and if you need investment it can help there too. If you are.…

Thom 15 September 2021

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