Your brand is what your customers say about you.

Brand Strategy is the process of managing that meaning

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Thom Baker Brand Consultant

When we talk about a brand, it’s not the logo, or some colours we’re talking about. It’s what your audience think of your organisation. Brand strategy is about aligning what your audience thinks, with what you and your organisations culture is. You can also think of it as the external face of your business strategy – it is an integral piece of your organisation!

Developing a brand that is authentic and resonates with your customers helps make you their obvious choice with profound impacts on your business. Studies have shown, a successful brand strategy can:

  • Triple your market share
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Reduce marketing spend

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    How brand strategy can help your business

    Increase market share

    Grow Customer Loyalty

    Increase Customer Preference

    Increase employee satisfaction

    Improve Innovation

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    The Everyman Archetype: Relatability and Authenticity in Branding

    In the realm of brand archetypes, The Everyman represents relatability, authenticity, and a connection to the ordinary person. Brands embodying this archetype aim to resonate with the average consumer, focusing on inclusivity and down-to-earth values. Let’s explore The Everyman and uncover actionable tips to help you leverage its essence for…

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    Strategy, Toolkit

    The Innocent Archetype: Building Trust and Simplicity

    The Innocent brand archetype embodies purity, simplicity, and optimism. Brands that embody this archetype aim to evoke feelings of trust, sincerity, and a belief in the goodness of the world. Let’s take a look at some actionable tips to leverage The Innocent archetype in your branding. Overview of The Innocent…

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    Strategy, Toolkit

    The Sage Archetype: Cultivating Wisdom and Authority

    The Sage brand archetype embodies wisdom, knowledge, and expertise. Brands aligning with this archetype aim to impart wisdom, offer guidance, and establish authority. Let’s explore some actionable tips for The Sage archetype and leverage its essence for brand enhancement. Overview of The Sage Archetype Unveiling The Sage: Strategic Branding for…

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    Strategy, Toolkit

    Unveiling the Power of Brand Archetypes: Crafting Connections

    Brand archetypes provide a simple tool that can help start the the intricate process of branding. Understanding “who” your brand is and how it resonates with your audience is a pivotal aspect. The archetypes serve as a potent tool in beginning to pinpoint a recognizable “character” that not only customers…

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    Strategy, Toolkit

    Checklist: Brand Strategy for product launches

    Have you got a product launching and unsure how to ensure it’s a success? Brand strategy doesn’t just end at your business – it’s principals can be applied to your products and services too! There are plenty of product launch checklists available, but let’s take a look and the branding…

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    I declare an emergency

    It is the undeniable truth that we are facing an unprecedented climate and ecological emergency. We have to acknowledge where we are in order to move forward.

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    The Rebel Archetype: Bold Brands who Provoke and Disrupt

    In the spectrum of brand archetypes, The Rebel stands as a symbol of defiance, nonconformity, and a challenge to the status quo. Brands embodying this archetype aim to disrupt, provoke, and inspire change. Let’s explore The Rebel archetype in branding and uncover actionable tips to leverage its essence for brand…

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    Strategies for hard times

    Energy crisis. Cost of living crisis. Economic Downturn. It can all be a bit daunting – especially when you’re trying to make ends meet. Both at home and in business. So what are some strategies for hard times and how can they help? The Ninja Strategy I spoke about this…

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