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Hi, I'm Thom Baker, and I want to help businesses build a better, greener future.

At the beginning of 2020, like most people I found myself with the time to reflect. I got to spend time with my daughter, sharing in my love of nature.  Through that time I revaluated the work I wanted to do, and how I wanted to do it. After 12 years creating visual identities, it was time to become more strategic.

I want to make an actual impact, to make the world a better place.

Through Thom Baker Consultancy I take the strategic questions I have always asked as a designer to the boardroom, and use them in areas where I could make a difference. The International Energy Agencies Clean Energy tracking report (see below) offers a hitlist of industries where I can do just that. I want to make companies making positive impact in these areas the obvious choice for investors, and customers.

Tracking clean energy progress

The IEA's Tracking Clean Energy Progress (TCEP) reports assess the status of 46 critical energy technologies and sectors and provides recommendations on how they can get 'on track' for Net Zero by 2050 Scenario.


Not on track

Renewable Power
Nuclear Power
Natural Gas-Fired Power
Coal-Fired Power
CCUS in Power

Tracking Power 2021

Energy Integration

More efforts needed

Energy Storage
Smart Grids
Demand Response
Direct Air Capture

Tracking Energy Integration 2021


Not on track

Building Envelopes
Appliances and Equipment
Heat Pumps
District Heating

Tracking Buildings 2021


Not on track

Electric Vehicles
Fuel Consumption of Cars and Vans
Trucks and Buses
Transport Biofuels
International Shipping

Tracking Transport 2021


Not on track

Iron and Steel
Pulp and Paper

Tracking Industry 2021

Fuel Supply

Not on track

Methane Emissions from Oil and Gas
Flaring Emissions

Tracking Fuel Supply 2021

Let's talk about your brand

If your business operated in any of these areas, let's talk about your brand

I declare an emergency

It is the undeniable truth that we are facing an unprecedented climate and ecological emergency. We have to acknowledge where we are in order to move forward.

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